Redbrooks Specialist Design Ltd, is a UK based design practice dedicated to excellence in architecture, master planning, design and fundamentally successful project implementation. We also work closely with contractors as part of design and build teams.

We have a team who has over 23 years of experience in design and construction implementation and our team have forged a strong bond based around our shared commitment to great design, assist our clients in achieving their goals as well as continually improve our learning and knowledge. We have a team of experienced architects, technologists and engineers who assist on our current projects and this team grows as and when a project requires.

Magnet Minsk

Magnet Minsk is a mixed use development located in proximity to the Presidential Library in Minsk. The project was designed as an international development under Presidential Decree, allowing the design to be developed to European recognised Standards such as Eurocode for Structures and British Standards for Fire Safety.

The working conditions drop to – 25 deg. C in winter so construction required careful designing to such conditions.

The development is due to be completed in 2020.

South Circular Road

The scheme has been designed to be constructed over 3 phases.Phase 1 formed the river front to the site arranged mainly with 7 to 9 storey finger blocks arranged with open landscaped courtyards.

An additional 10 blocks completed the ensemble back to the South Circular Road.

The Moorgate Exchange

The Moorgate Exchange building was designed to respond to the local environment planning conditions, the roof slope projecting away from the Barbican below, forming a series of well landscaped terraces which open off each of the upper office floors.

The building has excellent views of The Shard and St Paul’s Cathedral.

The overall results in a neat scheme which was constructed with great attention to detail by the Contractor Skanska.

Nun Head London

This was a purpose built church building constructed in the late 19th Century. Structure comprises masonry stone and brick with slate and timber roof structure.

Proposed total of 6315 sq. ft. scheme con verting existing church into four number 3 storey dwellings

Modular Homes

This project was a research and development study on the design and prototype building of modular homes for construction in the UK. This typically developed a standard semidetached dwelling, into container sized boxed which could be readily transported.

The target was ultimately a 90% completed dwelling before arriving onto site. The balance of the work would be completed on site. The study involved collaboration with the following design standards and authorities:

Harlow Council

This is aproject for Harlow Council for which we have designed the refurbishment ofthe 1950s 3 storey building. The works include full façade alterations, improvements in envelop thermal requirements as well as waterproofing upgrades.

The works include social improvements to the develop including a new landscaping schemes, improved security, access control, fire safety and other aspects.

This project is due to be completed in 2020.