Light gauge steel framing is the high-performance building system of the future, brought to you today.

With our bespoke design and build capability, you can construct to a superior quality up to 10 times faster than with traditional techniques.

We can also save you up to 30% on programme periods during a typical construction project cycle. This gives you an immediate return on preliminary expenditure and allows us to design and create each square foot of building at highly competitive price ranges.

Our exclusive piling technology even allows you to build safely on land that couldn’t normally be developed – and comes with a full design warranty.

We can help you do all these things using high-performance technology that delivers quality buildings with a lower environmental impact. Technology that’s already driving fast-track construction in Australia, China, Malaysia and other key global markets.

Steel framing from Redbrooks can transform your projects, timescales and budgets. Learn about the many benefits it can bring your projects.

Exclusive technologies

We are not only pioneers in the UK steel framing market, but Redbrooks also offers you exclusive partnerships and patented technologies that deliver quality design, manufacture and installation that you won't find elsewhere – giving you superior engineered design coupled with innovative, proven construction.

Why Redbrooks?

Our steel framing at a glance

Fast, cost-effective and environmentally friendly – these facts and figures speak for themselves. With Redbrooks, you can bring these advantages to your construction projects.


Up to 10% faster. Four staff, one house, one day.

Up to 50% faster install completion.


10 times less waste than timber.

Up to 70% waste reduction.


6 months return on investment in some cases.


Accurate within 0.5mm


Up to 60% easier handling.

Up to 30% lighter than timber.


85% of steel is recyclable.

Lower environmental impact with offsite construction.

Material Efficiency

1 cubic metre of steel will produce up to 21 times more than timber.


4 Key advantages in extreme conditions.

Find out more

If you are a developer, local authority, housing association, architect or a construction professional who wants to know how light gauge steel framing can bring speed, cost savings and new opportunities to your project, please get in touch today. We would be delighted to help.