Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Providing significant design development and support services to the NHS and private medical practice over the last 10 years in surgery, ward and ancillary medical support settings for the wider medical industry, Redbrooks have developed a solid understanding and relationships with a number of NHS trusts and private practice to deliver complex and urgent design services in the medical arena.

Our designs have provided excellence in medical practice and our internal design team have assisted in the development of medical projects to refurbish and repurpose the existing medical facilities of the NHS throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in live hospital settings where the safety of patients and continued medical practice is essential.

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  • Conceptual design services
  • Design development
  • Design ratification
  • Theatres, Wards, Surgeries, and ancillary spaces
  • Refurbishment & New Build design services
  • Live medical settings
  • MEP design services
  • Specialist Medical services

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